Taylor Leblanc

In a previous life Taylor was a dancer and choreography student at Concordia University. After 5 years of living and working in Montreal she decided to come back to Toronto to pursue her dream of working in a therapeutic field. In 2013 she completed her Doula Certification and has been supporting families through the perinatal timespan ever since. She is a certified Yoga Teacher and Prenatal Yoga Teacher and holds a Diploma in Childbirth Education. Taylor’s special interests are in functional and restorative exercise practices including core and pelvic health, nervous system regulation, meditation and movement for everyday life. She blends her passion for facilitation and love of the somatic experience into everything she does. Taylor’s genuine and warm demeanour gives her clients a sense of safety and ease whether in a Yoga class, private session or in the birth room. She dreams of a world where everyone is living in their vitality instead of their pain and hopes to contribute to Women’s Health in an impactful way. On a day off you would likely find Taylor listening to a Podcast called The liberated Body, collecting vintage clothes or colour coding her calendar.