PaulynRespiratory Therapist & Super-mom

Before Omega, were short-lived gym memberships and a wavering commitment to ongoing personal health. From the first time Omega opened its doors until now, I have been faithfully coming to work out 2-4 times a week. I could not have lasted this long if it weren’t for every one of the staff at Omega. They have made the otherwise daunting endeavour to become healthier more bearable and even enjoyable.

From the very start, Matt ensures that I am challenged enough with exercises custom made for me, while skillfully seeing through my excuses. Both Matt and Odain are very knowledgeable about the most current and optimally beneficial exercises and are always enthusiastic to share this information. Dr. T, Dr. Ty and Lisa rehabilitated me pre and post ACL reconstructive surgery. Their prompt diagnosis and expert management of my pre-Omega injury made me feel very secure and well taken care of. This professionalism, expertise and familiarity also extends to the other Omega staff.

I have never consistently exercised and earnestly strived for continued personal health until Omega. Thank you, Omega, for helping me achieve my health goals.