Odain BarrettFLMP, PTS

team-odainOdain Barrett is a veteran trainer at Omega Health + Fitness. He is also a lead instructor for the Health Sciences Diploma in Fitness and Lifestyle Management at George Brown College. Odain is passionate about helping people enjoy their lives with vigor. His energy, experience, and coach-like approach, both as a Trainer and as a group Fitness Leader exemplify his client-centred and holistic approach to fitness. Odain’s experience in integrated care spans a continuum from post-rehab to athletic training. He has achieved tremendous success with a diverse group of clients including those with knee and hip replacements, osteoporosis, diabetes, Parkinson’s, and Multiple Sclerosis. He has trained clients seeking to lose weight, to lower their blood pressure, and to prepare for their first marathon, to name a few.
As an advocate of integrated care, he strongly believes that a cooperative effort between Client, Trainer and Health Professional is necessary in order for clients to efficiently move towards their health and fitness goals.