Karina Lusink

Karina is honoured to be a part of the Omega team serving the community. She believes in the integrative model to support health using a spectrum of approaches to cultivate a holistic model of wellbeing.

An artist from the time she was small, she loves exploring the intersection of art, yoga, mindfulness and healing. After completing a bachelor of fine arts honours degree at Queen’s University, she was driven to learn more about the powerful healing abilities of art making and creativity. Attending the Toronto Art Therapy Institute, she is currently working on her thesis in women’s prenatal emotional/mental health. She is excited to offer art therapy to the Omega community addressing mindfulness with emotional and mental health practices. Her previous experience running art therapy groups includes working with Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre, the Barbara Schlifer Clinic, Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute and Hospice Wellington.
Believing in always continuing her education, she’s also trained as a birth doula with Doulas of North America, Blooma prenatal yoga training, and a certified Yoga teacher with Karma Teachers, a not for profit organization that believes in making yoga accessible.

At the heart of her work she believes in holding a loving, compassionate, and non-judgemental space for healing, growth and transformation.