Eva / KarinParkinson's worst enemy

I love coming to Omega because I feel comfortable and welcome here. I spent much of my life battling the need to go to gyms and hating it. So I rarely went. Having a set schedule gives me no excuse, meeting new people of all different sorts makes it interesting, working with the staff, and Odain in particular, helps give me success. Maybe most importantly, I feel better. For me, Omega is a good investment in my health and well-being. It’s worth the price of admission. –Karin

I have Parkinson’s. I have trouble with balance and mobility. Omega helps me to keep moving and teaches me how to handle myself in some situations. I like working with Odain because he takes time with me and he knows what to do. Lisa helps relax my muscles and my whole self. Everyone is friendly to me and they look after my big steps. Omega is a good place to be. –Eva