Christian LeycoOmega Alumnus

“Working for Omega Health and Fitness has been one of the more enlightening experiences of my life. Rehabilitation for me is about getting people back to the meaningful activities in their lives. Not only does this involve removing pain/dysfunction, but also optimizing their full physical potential. What separates Omega from other clinics in the city is their truly integrative approach, meshing clinical rehabilitation with gym floor rehabilitation. Clinicians have an ongoing dialogue with trainers and vice versa to provide the patient with the most comprehensive care.
In addition to the enjoyable work atmosphere at Omega, it was a place where I gained a wealth of knowledge from many different professionals. I was exposed to chiropractors, naturopaths, and trainers who immensely enhanced my skill set as a physiotherapist
The results that are realized at Omega Health and Fitness, in the clinic or on the gym floor, are a reflection of the people who work there. We as the ‘staff’ all help each other climb the professional development ladder in hopes helping our patients/clients achieve their meaningful goals. It truly starts with the owners, Ty and Thien, who not only preach but also consistently exhibit integration, thoroughness, and ongoing communication.  Their willingness to sacrifice their own time and literally open their own home to develop their ‘employees’ is uncanny. This trait trickles down to all of the Omega family and it gets displayed during our treatments with our patients. As I move onto the next chapter of my career, I know that Omega will always be family and that the corner of Victoria Park and Kingston will always feel like home.”
Christian Leyco completed his degrees at the University of Toronto, first receiving a Bachelor of Physical Education and Health, followed by a Master of Science in Physical Therapy. Christian was an active participant of the University of Toronto Intramural Program, serving as both a member of the governing body as well as a competing athlete. Christian has continued his education by taking courses in soft tissue release and athletic taping. He plans to pursue additional certification in acupuncture, functional movement analysis, and advanced manual therapy.
Christian maintains an active lifestyle by playing basketball, flag football, and baseball on a regular basis. Christian aspires to harness his passion for sports and rehabilitation in the pursuit of providing quality patient care.