Brad GodfreyCSEP, Fitness and Health Promotion diploma, CFES

A lifelong fitness enthusiast and athlete, Brad knew his calling from an early age. He grew up in this community, competitive in both soccer and hockey, and wouldn’t live anywhere else. He credits the health and wellness vibe that is so present in the Beaches for feeding his drive to excel and as inspiration to develop the expertise in to be able to help others to live full, active, and healthy lives!

A graduate of George Brown’s renown Fitness & Health Promotions Diploma program, Brad has worked with a wide range of clientele in the fitness industry for many years. Beyond Brad’s knowledge of human performance and its technical application, Brad goes the extra mile to ensure the success of his clients. Brad continues with his healthy day-to-day life and still enjoys playing competitive sports. He practices what he preaches, and a life in sport is not without its injuries (they have been numerous), or its setbacks. He loves it, he gets it, and he’s here to help.

Brad believes that becoming a stronger individual both physically and mentally is the goal… Developing your character and strong habits is the prize.